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Hoofed Professionals




While goats are great for a large variety of land-clearing jobs, believe it or not, sometimes they simply aren’t the best choice.      For large swaths of native and improved grasses our flock of sheep takes over! We love our sheep for their amazing land-clearing ability. 



Goats have proven their usefulness around the world by clearing the land of wanted brush and vegetation. Traditional landscapers use gas-guzzling machines, chemicals, or expensive manual labor to clear large plots of land. Recently it was found that goats simply do a better job.       Not to mention they save cities and governments thousands on routine brush clearing while reducing forest fires.



Our goats and sheep are under the watchful eye of experienced, dedicated shepherds who stay with the animals 24/7. They tend to the animals’ every need, keeping them contained within a  solar-powered fencing system and moving the herd as needed to achieve the management goals of the property they are grazing.


Border Collies

We use trained border collies to help assist us in the herding of the animals. They are trained with verbal & whistle commands.       Most times the dogs are better help than another human! We couldn't do our job without them!


Guard Dogs

In most rural areas, you will see one or two large dogs roaming with our animals. They are livestock guardian dogs and are there to keep predators away. They have a natural instinct to protect the goats and sheep, and happily spend their lives with the herd.

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