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GoatScaping LLC is an environmentally friendly, land-clearing business based in North Texas.  We are a family-owned, small business that specializes in all-natural vegetation management utilizing multi-species, small ruminant animals. We take pride in our work and strive to practice careful, responsible, and humane care of our animals while focusing on the environment. 

No Fences? 
Not a problem!

Our animals are controlled with temporary electric netting fence.


Brush Control/ Fire Mitigation

Goat and sheep herds can eat their way through forests, rangelands, and urban interface zones to create firebreaks, remove undergrowth, and prune ladder fuels in difficult, fire-prone terrain. No chemicals and no heavy equipment is needed; fire mitigation by ruminants is efficient, effective, and ecologically friendly.

Weed Control

Targeted browsing for weed control can remove undesirable plants that out-complete more desirable vegetation. Goats and especially, sheep are great at targeted browsing and will consume seeding plants before they mature, reducing the spread of weeds by seed. When managed with the right timing and frequency of grazing,  GoatScaping is a valuable tool for improving landscape function and appearance.


Park & Recreation Management

Do you want a natural browse line throughout your parks or trail areas? Sheep and goats help clear out the unwanted vegetation and create an open space feel. Reducing thick underbrush and a variety of poisonous plants will give you a more desirable aesthetic.

Solar Sheep

Solar sheep maintain the land in a sustainable and eco-friendly way while enabling dual-purpose land use. The sheep support the biodiversity of the area by avoiding the use of pesticides, and mechanical mowing, thus allowing the soil and pollinators to flourish and thrive.


Lake Dams/ Levys

Steep inclines are no problems for sheep and goats. They can maneuver up and down the dams and  levies with ease. They control vegetation  and keep back the woody encroachment. They are cost-effective and can outwork any commercial mower! We don’t use heavy equipment; just tiny hooves and mouths that protect the riparian areas around these sensitive ecological sites.

Grassland Improvements

Goats and sheep together can be valuable tools for improving pastures and restoring grasslands. They remove the unwanted/invasive vegetation while recycling back into the soil. With prescribed grazing and browsing it can assist in increasing native plant abundance. Just one season of grazing can open up dense brush thickets and create a more desirable habitat. They can even be used to reseed; working broadcast grass seeds into the soil with their hooves.

gaot 18.jpg

Cropland Weeding & Seeding

Cloven-hoofed animals can simultaneously break open capped soils, working seeds into the soil and fertilizing as they go.  Goats and Sheep are natural weed eaters and can be used as an alternative to mowing. Both offer landowners and managers cost-effective ways to treat vegetation and reduce or eliminate the use of herbicides.

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